Just A Drink (Maybe)

We are a cocktail and gin bar in Thong Lo, Bangkok where gin lovers should not miss. In here, we are attempting to offer our dearest customers the most unforgettable gin experience ever. Additionally, not only gin and tonic are served, but we also provide a variety of classic cocktails and some oriental homemade ingredients. Besides drinks, we also present signature dishes from Asia, especially from Taiwan. Don’t be sad if your national menu is missing, as we change our menu season by season, same with cocktails. In this way, the most seasonal and fresh ingredients can be served on the table.

Why Just A Drink? Why Maybe?

We believe the mind is changing constantly, so it could be just a drink for you tonight, but… maybe or maybe not. In Just A Drink (Maybe), your comfort and warmth are our priority.  We are trying to offer you not Just A Drink (Maybe), it is a companion to close your day. Is it Just A Drink (Maybe)?  Maybe when you walk in to our territory, it is no longer a drink, it will become the unforgettable memory between you and us. So come and let’s have Just A Drink (Maybe)